How to make your Android phone’s battery last longer

Most of the Android phones have a very low battery life. Your phone’s battery is all drained at the end of the day or in between even when you don’t use it much. Without the use of any third party apps, you can make your phone’s battery last longer by making a few simple changes mentioned. androidpit-nexus-5-battery-tips-battery-saver-w628

  1. Reduce your screen’s brightness or use auto brightness.
  2. Keep Display Screen’s ‘Sleep in’ time short.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use.
  4. Use location services and GPS only when required by choosing ‘Accuracy’ in location settings.
  5. Clear the apps running in the background when not in use.
  6. Turn off notifications that are non-essential like Facebook Notifications.
  7. Reboot you phone.
  8. Use your phone in power-saving mode.
  9. Switch off Background data which helps you save mobile data as well.
  10. Don’t set your phone to vibrate mode.

Rebooting your phone once is one of the most efficient ways to make the battery last longer as it can solve many inexplicable battery problems. Even the best of best phones tend to become extremely battery draining devices as time passes by. So, it is essential to make a few changes to make sure your phone runs smoothly with a long-lasting battery life.

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