How to Multitask with Google Keep in Android

Google Keep can be used to write and browse on the same screen on iOS as well as Android devices. Google’s note-taking app lets you write down as you are browsing instead of switching between many apps. Here’s how to do multitask with Google Keep on your Android device.

  1. Launch Google Chrome and copy the URL of the webpage you wish to use.
  2. Launch Google Keep and draft the document and tap on the 3 dots which gives a drop down menu.
  3. Choose “Copy to Google Docs”
  4. Launch Google Docs and start using the document.b-keep-copytodocs

Keep also supports multiwindow in Android N. With the combination of browser and keypad tool when you launch Android N, you can multiwindow easily.

Google Keep also has a great feature- Location reminders. When you arrive at a specific location, this app reminds you to work on a particular document if you have already set a reminder. Google Keep proves to be much more beneficial than Google Docs with many appropriate and useful features like multitasking and location reminders.

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Bhavana Hulivahana

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