How to Backup call logs and SMS on Android device

The need to keep track of all your call logs and SMS is very much required. In Android devices, the call log gets cleared after 30 days and vanishes away. At times, you might want to check a number you received a call from or dialed many months ago. Now, here’s an app that lets you keep a track of the call log and SMS sent or received ranging from few months to years ago. The following steps help you backup call logs and SMS on your Android device.unnamed (2)

  1. Download ‘Telephony Backup’ from Google Play store.
  2. Install and Launch the app.
  3. Tap on ‘Import data’ to import all your call logs and SMS.
  4. Toggle the switch ‘Backup calls log’ and tap on ‘Next’
  5. Toggle ‘Backup messages’ to backup messages and tap on ‘End’

This way all your call logs and SMS are backed up when you use this app. This is available for free on the Google Play store. Download the pro paid version to export this data into a file.

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