How to change default app on Android Device

Sticking to the same app for a long time on an Android device can be pretty boring. So here’s how you can change your default app without using any third-party applications. This is done just by changing your settings.

  1. Install the apps you wish to use.
  2. Go to Settings on your Android device.
  3. Tap on Apps.
  4. Go to Manage applications.
  5. Tap on the new app you wish to set as default from the list of applications that are displayed.
  6. Check ‘Use by default’ option when the prompt is displayed when you tap on the

If this method doesn’t work, an alternate exists. You can set the app to default directly. For Exampe when you open a link on Facebook a prompt appears that gives you the options to choose between different browsers. You can either tap just once to use it for once or tap on ‘Always’ to set is as a default app. The next time you open a link through Facebook or any other app, the page gets redirected to Chrome without asking you to choose. Once this is done you cannot repeat the same method to change the default app. You have to go to settings and follow the procedure mentioned to change the default app.

Bhavana Hulivahana

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