How to set internet data usage limit on Android

We’re consuming a lot more internet based content on the move in our Android smartphones as they are evolving very fast. And in case, if you don’t have an unlimited data plan for your smartphone, using up more metered data than permitted by your plan can burn a hole in your pocket. But the good thing about Android is that it has its own system in place to set Internet data usage limit to help you monitor your usage. Here is how to enable it.


  • Go to SETTINGS and select DATA USAGE

set internet data usage limit on Android


  • Enable the mobile data and check the box to SET MOBILE DATA LIMIT


set internet data usage limit on Android

set internet data usage limit on Android

  • Adjust the dates as per your billing cycle and drag the lines to set the absolute limit and the warning limit on your data usage. Confirm the settings and exit. You can also tap on the applications and view the amount of data each has used in the specified time.

Once the feature is enabled, you get a warning when your usage reaches the limit set by the warning marker so that you start regulating usage pattern and don’t reach your data cap. The other line sets the limit after which all your mobile data activities will be turned off.

Note that the data usage determined by your device and your service provider may vary. So we recommend setting the limit at around 95% of your data allowance, e.g. If you are having a 2 GB of data from your operator, set the limit on your phone at 1.9 GB to ensure you don’t go over.

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