How to access and use the hidden service menu in Samsung Galaxy devices

Samsung phones have long come with a secret Service Menu that let you become a power user in ways far beyond what you would imagine. While many people won’t ever have a need to access the Service Menu, if you’re the kind of guy who likes to get under the hood of your phone, this is the menu for you. Also, it’s a good feature to know about in case you run into issues with your Galaxy and want to troubleshoot it on your own first. The diagnostic tool is meant for service technicians, so it’s easily available but not widely known about. It allows you to test various sensors, the touchscreen, test the vibration, camera, speaker, receiver, subkey, etc.

Steps to access the hidden service menu in Samsung Galaxy devices:

  • Launch the Phone app and go to the keypad.





  • Type in *#0*#



  • You should now have the service menu screen in front of you.

Steps to use the hidden service menu in Samsung Galaxy devices:

  • The top row buttons are dedicated to testing the color capabilities of the phone. Tapping the RED, GREEN and BLUE buttons allows you to check for dead pixels on your display.


  • The second-row buttons deal with the phone’s receiver, vibration and screen dimming capabilities. Tapping the DIMMING option divides the screen into three parts (red, green and blue) and the brightness reduces to half when tapped again.


  • The Mega cam test simply checks the camera on the back. Tapping on the button activates the viewfinder and the rear camera lens. The SENSOR option allows you to check all the built-in sensors on the device, calibrate the barometer and also to graph the Gyroscope readings if you tap on the Graph button.

  • There are options to test the Touchscreen, TSP Hovering (allows you to test the air view capabilities in supported Galaxy devices), sleep function, speaker, notification LED, front camera, low frequency for LCD, etc.

When you are done playing with the Service Menu on your Samsung Galaxy, just use the back button to go back to your Phone app. Be careful when you are around in the menus and don’t change any settings unless you know what they do.

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