How to download mp3 from Youtube

We have all used websites to convert the videos downloaded from youtube into .mp3. Using a simple app called ‘SnapPea’ app makes this job much easier.

Visit Softonic to download the apk file of the app which is available for free. Once the apk file is downloaded completely, open the file that is displayed on the notification bar and Tap on install. Once you have completely installed this app on your Android device, here are few steps you need to follow to convert videos into .mp3 files.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Go to the Youtube section.XDA3
  3. Search for the video you wish to download to convert it into an audio file.
  4. Open the video and tap on ‘Download.’download snappea
  5. Select download as ‘Music’ once the prompt appears to choose between video and audio.XDA 1

Once selected, the video will automatically start downloading in .mp3 file format. By this, you can save space on your Android device by using only audio files. Mobile data is also saved as audio file download consumes much lesser mobile data when compared to a video file.

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