How to reduce data usage in Google Chrome for Android

If you prefer using the Google Chrome web browser on your Android device but is concerned about the amount of data it uses, we have got you covered. You can easily reduce data usage in Google Chrome by enabling the inbuilt Data Saver feature. When turned on, Chrome routes the HTTP traffic from your device via Google’s optimizing servers where the company’s PageSpeed libraries optimize and compress the content and then downloads them on your device, reducing data usage by up to 50%. It also protects you against malicious sites, phishing links and harmful downloads via the Safe Browsing service.


  • Open the Google Chrome app from your Android device and head on to SETTINGS.



  • Under ADVANCED, tap on DATA SAVER and slide to put it in ON position.


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Note that the data saver feature won’t work if you are on a secure connection (HTTPS) or browsing incognito. Also, when the feature is turned ON some websites might not be able to accurately determine your location, some images might appear a little fuzzy and internal websites (say your company’s internal sites) might not load properly.


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