How to compress images in Android

Images occupy considerable memory space, and if are you looking to free up your device, you are at the right place. Nowadays, an increasing number of Android devices are being launched with no provision for storage expansion via microSD card. And with that high-resolution shooter the devices ships with, it takes no time to fill up the limited internal storage with images. Here is an app that allows users to compress images in Android devices with very less or negligible loss in quality of the image. Apart from compressing photos this app can also resize and crop photos for you. Compressing images will not only allow you to eke out some extra bit of space from the limited storage but also save on your data pack while sharing those images with friends via IM clients or in social media.



  • Once you’ve installed the app, it will ask you to either pick an image from GALLERY, CAMERA or to COMPRESS AND RESIZE MULTIPLE PHOTOS. If you’ve selected multiple photos option, then choose the photos or entire album to compress/resize.



  • You’ll now be presented with the options screen where you can select to compress, resize or crop photos.



  • Select QUICK COMPRESS to use the default settings or tap on COMPRESS to enter your desired compression quality.

If you have lots of large images in your device and looking to free up a significant amount of space, consider using the COMPRESS AND RESIZE MULTIPLE PHOTOS options to compress an entire album on your device.

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