How to share files via sound in Android

You might have used Bluetooth, WiFi direct or NFC to share files between two Android devices, but what about doing that using sound! Yes, it is possible. An app named Chirp, developed by London-based Asio Ltd, lets you send and receive files by ‘singing’, to other devices.

The app first uploads the content you want to share to the cloud, generates a code for it and converts that code into sound. It now transmits that sound clip via the device’s speaker which lasts for around two seconds. This clip is received by the other person’s app and is decoded to download the words or text from the cloud to their device. The data doesn’t itself travel via sound, only the link to access it is sent.

Since the app uses sound, two or more devices within the earshot may receive the two-second chirp at the same time, and it allows you to share files with multiple users at an instant, which is impossible with technologies like Bluetooth. Also, there is no need for pairing devices which simplifies the process further.


  • Download the Chirp app by Asio Ltd, on both the devices, from the Google Play Store.


  • Open the app and click on the + sign at the bottom. You can select a picture, link or a note to share.

March 25, 2016 121348 AM GMT 0530

March 25, 2016 121403 AM GMT 0530

  • Open the app on the receiver’s device and tap on the yellow button on the sender device’s screen to create the two-second audio clip. The file should pop up on the receivers device’s screen within a second or two after the chirp sounds.

For best results, increase the volume of your device’s speaker so that the other device can hear the chirp quickly. The app functions in noisy environments too because it is designed to filter out interference from music, traffic, speech and TVs in the background and listen for precisely the kinds of tones generated by the app.

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