How to recover uninstalled apps in Android

Did you ever accidentally delete some or all of your apps, due to some unfortunate reasons and now trying to find them all in the Play Store! There can be a number of reasons you might have lost all of your installed apps and the most common amongst all is performing a factory reset. Anyway, whatever the reason maybe, you might be thinking that you now have to search for each and every app and sometimes don’t know the names of all them. Overall it’s a tedious job. But here is a simple method to get around this.


  • Open the Google Play store and make sure you are logged in to your Google account from which you had previously installed apps before.

March 25, 2016 121427 AM GMT 0530

  • Swipe from the left and tap on MY APPS & GAMES

March 25, 2016 121510 AM GMT 0530

  • By default, you’ll be shown the INSTALLED apps section. Tap on ALL and you’ll now be able to see all the apps that you have so far downloaded in your device, including the ones that were deleted. Just tap on them to start installing.

You now have all the apps in a single list, and there is no need to search for each one individually.

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