How to add nicknames to Google contacts on Android

Google has now been updated and has now introduced a fun feature of adding nicknames to your contacts. The update has already started rolling out and if you have not got yours yet, visit Google Play store and update Google app. This new feature is mainly implemented using Google Now. Once you add the nickname, you can continue using the nickname to do anything like making a call or sending a text message. For Example, When you say “Call Idiot,” your phone will automatically dial the person whose nickname is “Idiot.”

This update is available not only for Android but for iOS as well. To Add nicknames, you can edit the contact in the Google Contacts like by following these steps-

  1. Launch Google Contacts app
  2. Tap on the person to whom you wish to assign a nickname.
  3. Tap on the pencil icon on top right to edit.
  4. Fill in the nickname you wish to give in the space next to ‘Nickname.’google_nickname_800_thumb800

You can also add nicknames with Google Now-

  1. Open Google Now
  2. Say ‘Ok Google’ or tap on the microphone in the text field space.
  3. Tell Google about the contact or their relationship to you.

For Example, ‘Daphne is my daughter’. The next time you say ‘Call Daughter’ your phone will dial ‘Daphne.’

So this is how the new update works.


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