How to speed up your Android device

All of us have been through situations where our Android device became extremely slow or just died by getting hung. In the beginning, everything is so fast that we fall in love with our Android device, but as time passes we start hating it. There are a number of ways to increase the speed of your Android device and bring back the speed like the first few months or much faster. Few of such quick and efficient techniques are listed below.

1. Clean your storage space.

This is one of the most common reasons why your Android device is getting slower day by day.  Go to Settings>Storage and identify unwanted apps and delete them.

2. Minimize the usage of widgets.

An increased number of widgets on the home screen can also be one of the major reasons to slow down your device. Reduce the number of widgets on your home

3.Shut down apps when not in use.

Clear your apps when you are not using them.Free up RAM to increase the device’s speed. Go to Settings> App Settings> Tap on Clear Memory. This makes sure that all the background tasks running unnecessarily will be shut down.

4.Restart your device.

If your device freezes or slows down, hold the power button to switch it off and switch it on again. This clears the cache and ends internal tasks running

5. Identify the sources.

Go to Settings> About Phone. Tap on ‘Build Number’ until a notification pops up. Recognize the apps that accumulates more space and feeds on more memory and delete it if it is unnecessary.

These are the few ways with which you can speed up your Android Device.



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