How to create and share shortened URLs from an Android smartphone?

You might often feel the need to share URLs in social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook from your smartphone but the not so famous 140 character limit of Twitter restricts its user’s from sharing ridiculously long URLs and here comes the concept of URL shortening. And not many may know, but shortened URLs not only decreases character counts but also provides an easy way to track how many times it has been clicked (be careful, not every provides supports viewing statistics).

There are many services which offer URL shortening, and even Google has its but if your activity is more on the smartphone its cumbersome process to open the phone’s browser every time to access the service. An app like URL Shortener aims to ease the process.



  • Open the app and tap on the three vertical dots at the upper right corner and head on to SETTINGS. Choose your preferred service provider and tweak the settings as per your preferences.

shortened URLs      shortened URLs


  • Copy your desired URL and paste it on the app. It now gives you access to the structure choices (7 types of short URL structures are shown in the image above), a provider choosing option and a choice regarding whether you would like to log statistics for the link or not.

shortened URLs

  • Tap on SHORTEN and the link will automatically be copied to the clipboard followed by the QR code generation.

shortened URLs

shortened URLs

  • The app also keeps a history of all URLs you shorten and allow you to view statistics too.

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