How to recognize music using an Android smartphone

At times when you’re listening to a great song you might want to know its name, or maybe the artist to be able to download it and add it to your personal music library. There are quite a few apps that let you recognize music using an Android smartphone in just a few minutes.

Several years ago, identifying an anonymous song you heard on the street, neighbour’s house or maybe in a bus required some serious work and the easiest way was to catch some of the lyrics and Google them, hoping to find the right song. And if you had no lyrics, you were pretty much doomed with that song in your head, till someone could recognize it from your singing.

But now apps like SoundHound for Android has got us better way to do this. It identifies the song, displays full information including he album name and cover, release date, lyrics and automatic YouTube search if you like.



  • Turn ON data connection or WiFi on your device and open the SoundHound app.




  • Stand as close to the source of music as possible try not to let any other sound to interfere with the music, such as talking nearby. Now, tap on the big orange button on the screen, for the app to start listening. It should identify the song for you and display the results. Tap on the categories to view details like the lyrics, artist information and more.
  • SoundHound also supports humming recognition utilising its Speech-to-Meaning technology which means you can also simply sing the song yourself into the phone’s microphone, and it will detect the song for you.

The app needs and working internet connection as it relies on having access to its online database of music information to correctly match the song you’re listening to.


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