How to measure distance in Google Maps

If you are out for a trip and stuck in an unknown place having no idea about the distance you need to traverse to reach your destination, or maybe you want to efficiently plan your route via some points to your destination, Google has something for you.

It allows you to measure distance in Google Maps between different points, without searching for directions. The measurement is not the exact distance between the points (like suggesting a walking or driving route) but just the straight line distance between them which is especially useful for planning jogging paths or off road bike rides, on a map.


  • Open the Google Maps app. Hold and touch on your starting point on the map. A red pin will appear.



  • Swipe up on the name of the place that appears at the bottom. Now Scroll down to the place’s page and choose MEASURE DISTANCE

March 21, 2016 110824 AM GMT 0530

  • Move the map to adjust the black circle to align with the next point you want to measure the distance with.

March 21, 2016 110842 AM GMT 0530

  • Add more points if needed by tapping on the ADD POINT. If you wish to remove an added point, tap on UNDO (the arrow at the top)
  • Look at the bottom of the screen to see the total distance in respective units as per your settings.

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