How to connect an Android device to your TV

Android devices are a great medium to stream and watch youtube videos or unlimited Netflix videos. But not all Android Devices have a huge screen to enhance the viewing experience. You can now connect your Android Device to your TV.  Most of the Android Devices have the HDMI ports to transfer photos and videos to a TV. Connecting your Android device to the TV is very simple when HDMI cable is used. droid-razr-top

  1. Connect the HDMI cable to your Android device and the TV you wish to use.
  2. Launch the gallery on your Android device and select the videos you wish to view on the TV.
  3. Few controls are displayed once you select the video you wish yo watch. If you don’t find them then tap on the dark area of the screen to redisplay the controls.
  4. Tap on “HDMI” option that is displayed on the top left a corner of the display on your Android device.
  5. Tap on Press/Play button to start displaying the video on your TV screen.

However, few gallery apps do not support HDMI output like Blockbuster and Youtube. The videos that are downloaded or shot from your device that can be viewed on TV when you connect your Android device to it.

Bhavana Hulivahana

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