How to take a scrolling screenshot on any Android device

Being able to capture the information which is on our smartphone screen is a very convenient feature. Google added support for taking screenshots to Android in the version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which allowed users to take screenshots by pressing some predefined key combinations. But what if you wanted to share a long conversation, took screenshots of it and messed up the order in which they were taken! There is no easy way to identify which one was first and which was last. To get way with it, here comes a handy app that allows users to take scrolling screenshots by stitching multiple screenshots together, creating a big unified one which can now be shared without any difficulty.

scrolling screenshot on Android                                                 scrolling screenshot on Android

  • Open the app, move to the SETTINGS and make sure the option AUTOMATICALLY DETECT SCREENSHOT is turned ON.

scrolling screenshot on Android                 scrolling screenshot on Android                 scrolling screenshot on Android

  • Now when you take your screenshots, the app will detect & send a notification tapping on which will allow you to conveniently arrange and stitch the screenshots in a single long screenshot. It can later be shared or saved in the memory as per your need.

scrolling screenshot on Android

If you are Samsung Galaxy Note 5 user, Samsung has an inbuilt tool for taking scrolling screenshots. Take out the S Pen which launches the air command and tap on Screen Write icon. After capturing first single screenshot, tap on the Scroll capture in the bottom-left corner after which the screen will scroll and you can tap on Capture More to keep going or Done to stop.

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