How to Install Android N Developer Preview

Google released Android N’s developer preview making it easier for Nexus users to experience the best version of Android. The latest Android Beta program lets you receive the developer preview updates over-the-air(OTA)  like all the other public updates. The user doesn’t have to manually flash the factory image or any factory resets to get the developer preview update. Follow these steps to try out Android N’s developer preview-

To Install via OTA update

  1. Go to Android Beta Site.
  2. Log in through your Gmail Account and check if your device is eligible by checking the list of eligible devices you find when you scroll down.
  3. Check Enroll device.

    A glimpse of Google's Android N developer preview.

    A glimpse of Google’s Android N developer preview.

To install Manually

  1. Download the right factory image for your device from Android Developer
  2. Go to Settings> Developer options.
  3. Check USB debugging.
  4. Extract the factory images and save them on your computer.
  5. Connect your device to the PC with saved factory images via USB
  6. Start your device in fast boot mode.
  7. Go to the unzipped system image directory
  8. Execute “flash-all.bat” which will unzip the image files and install the necessary bootloader, baseband firmware(s) and the operating system as well.

Several reboots will take place which will consume some time.

You can download and install Google’s Android N developer preview with any of the two methods with ease.

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