How To Take A Good Picture With Your Android Phone

We humans love our silly little Android phones very much because it not only connects us to our near and dear effortlessly but also because it is a Swiss-Army knife of electronic gadgets. It’s our television, gaming console, encyclopaedia and a camera. But at the end of the day, one can extract only a limited amount of efficiency from such a tiny device, and thus we can say that our Android phones are jacks of all trades. One of the areas where a smartphone still hasn’t replaced a dedicated gadget is capturing a picture i.e. a camera.

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No matter how much the manufacturers cram the megapixels or how efficient the sensor is, a good camera will always trump a smartphone camera. So here is a nifty guide to eke the best out of your Android phones’ lens:-

  1. Stay stable – A mobile phone is not the best ergonomic solution for capturing a moment. Try to stay as stable as possible by resting your elbow on some support while clicking pictures.
  2. Use the light – A smartphone camera fails considerably in low light conditions. It’s advisable that the smartphone should be positioned between the light source and the target.
  3. Tweak your camera settings – Different smartphones have different quality cameras and sensors which produce multiple quality images. Adjust your exposure levels and white balance to correct the colors and have optimal brightness in the image
  4. Clean your lens – It goes without saying that a clean camera lens will produce the best quality images than a dirty one. Take a second and clean your camera lens to get focussed and sharp images.
  5. Avoid Digital Zoom – In the absence of an optical zooming capability due to minuscule size, the smartphone camera resorts to digitally zooming in the images before capturing. This is, in reality, a counterproductive move as it completely destroys the image. If you want a closer shot, just move forward in the direction of the moment.
  6. Play with Filters – No smartphone camera is perfect, and no matter what we do, some amount of distortion will creep into the image. Thus, it is best to mask those imperfections by the means of applying filters after capturing the image. Apps like Retrica or Instagram offer some awesome filters and have excellent social media integration tools too.

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