How to display contact names in Hangouts instead of full names

Google Hangouts is a messaging platform developed by Google, which keeps the world close by supporting text message and real-time video calling too. When you open Google Hangouts, the contact names are displayed completely. With the steps mentioned below you can now display contact names in short instead of full

  1. Ensure that your contacts are merged under the display name you prefer instead of their full name.
  2. Create a new group Hangout with contacts you wish to modify. It can also include existing contacts with common people but it should also have entirely new contacts. However, it should be a whole new group and not an existing one.
  3. Pick the contacts in the right order as you like them to be displayed later.
  4. Send a test message to the newly created group.
  5. Now open individual contacts to check if the contact names have been modified.

Few contact names are changed immediately into your preferred contact name while others take some time. Go back and tap on the person whose name has not been modified again. Even then if there is no change, archive the Hangout and start a new one with the same person until it changes.  You can finally get rid of the full Google name and display the names of your loved ones as you wish on Google Hangouts.

Bhavana Hulivahana

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