How to use Google Translate Offline

Google Translate is a free service provided by Google that helps you translate text, speech, images or any real time video from one language to another. If you are curious to learn a new language or stuck up in a new city, then Google Translate is your best teacher. However, if you don’t have enough access to the internet, Google Translate will still help you out. Here’s how you can use Google Translate Offline. You can download the data of languages you wish to learn or use when you are online and use it when you’re offline as it will be saved.

1. Launch the app from app drawer.Screenshot_2014-08-28-19-56-27

2.Tap the menu icon on top.Screenshot_2014-08-28-19-56-36

3.Tap on Settings displayed on the drop down menu.

4.Select ‘Manage offline languages’ in the settings menu.Screenshot_2014-08-28-19-56-42

The offline languages section is divided into two parts – Installed and All. The installed list displays the languages that can be used when you are offline, and the ‘all’ list shows the languages that need to be downloaded for offline use. You can manage your offline languages whenever you wish to make any changes to remove or add any other language by tapping on the blue pin icon. Screenshot_2014-08-28-19-56-53

5. To download a new language

Find the language in ‘All’ list and tap the gray pin icon. A prompt will be displayed which includes all the necessary information about the language including its size. Tap on OK to select the process.Screenshot_2014-08-28-19-57-06

With the above five simple steps, you can use Google Translate Offline with ease. You can download any number of languages for your offline use.

Bhavana Hulivahana

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