How to Switch Keyboard Input language in Android

With smartphones and tablets being so popular worldwide, people of different languages and cultural backgrounds have no barriers to using them. They often prefer to converse in their local language rather than device’s default. You can type in the language you desire to talk in by learning how to switch between languages for your keyboard input which will be displayed as it is with the original font itself.

Firstly, you have to select your input languages by going to Settings>Language and Input>Android Keyboard(AOSP). Once you open this, tap on ‘Input languages’ which displays a number of languages from which you have to select the languages you wish to switch between. keyboard_language5

  1. Launch the app you wish to text with
  2. Tap and hold the space keykeyboard_language7
  3. Select your input language from the dialog box that appears with a set of languages listed outkeyboard_language8

The space key displays the language that is currently being used to text with. By this, you can identify the language you are using and change it as and when you wish to. This procedure applies to all the Android devices irrespective of the version on your device.

Bhavana Hulivahana

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