How to record phone calls on an Android smartphone?

Every day we make many phone calls, and sometimes we feel the need to record the call for future use. Say; you called up a customer service and now want to listen to their instructions again. Or maybe you are interviewing someone and want to keep the phone call record for future analysis. Of course, there can be tons of other reasons why you would need to record a phone call, and now if you are wondering how to do it on your Android smartphone, you have come to the right place.


Screenshot_2016-03-11-20-10-58                                        Screenshot_2016-03-11-20-11-14

  • Open the app, select themes, cloud backup account if you need and tap on DONE


  • Now dial a call. The app should automatically start recording it. Look out for a red dot at the top of the screen to ensure.


  • As the call disconnects, a notification will be shown on your notification bar displaying the recently recorded call and other recordings in your inbox if any.


  • Return to the app where you can Play, Save, Delete the recordings.

WARNING: Recording phone calls without the consent of both the caller and receiver are illegal in some countries. Make sure you are clear about it.

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