How To Add Any App As A Quick Settings Tile In Android 6.0

Android Quick Settings are a nifty feature which allows us, lazy people, to toggle on/off certain settings which are frequently used. But this is Android OS, which stands for openness and freedom. Which means that one should not be just limited to just a handful of options to turn on and off a bunch of stuff, rather we should have freedom to add anything to it of our choice.

Our powerful smartphones are used daily to do many tasks such as browsing the web or opening different applications etc. etc. Thus, the question arises-wouldn’t it be continent if there was some option to add any app/URL as a small tile in the notification shade? The answer my friend is in the form of a nifty little app called Custom Quick Settings. Here is how you can make and add your custom tile of almost anything you want:Quick settings

  1. Turn On the systemUI tuner in Android by long pressing the Settings shortcut in the notification shade until it spins.
  2. Install the Custom Quick Settings app from play store and open it.
  3. Tap the plus button in the app, then follow the instructions to create a placeholder tile.
  4. It links you to the UI tuner where you’ll create a broadcast tile and call it “CUSTOMTILEx,” where x is how many tiles you’ve created through the app.
  5. Now you can choose pretty much what the tile does –  you can make a settings toggle, URL shortcut, or app shortcut. Each tile can also have custom text, an icon, and long-press action.

The newly created tile can be moved around like any quick tile in the notification shade. What is cool about the app is that it does not need root permission too.

Vishesh Kapoor

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