How To Stream Media to Chromecast via LocalCast

The Google Chromecast is a wonderful device and an excellent way to connect and extend all of your media content at your fingertips and display of your choice. Over the years, many new applications have been developed to handle this highly complicated task efficiently and make it a simple process for us mortals. One of those handy apps is LocalCast, which is relatively straightforward to use and quite stable and is available from the Play Store for free.


The procedure is simple:

  1. Install the LocalCast Application from the Play Store.
  2. Tap the folder option and navigate to the file in your phone memory which you want to play.
  3. Tap the Chromecast icon to connect to the Chromecast device in range. Once the connection is successful, you can play the selected media file on the TV. That’s it.

When you use the app to stream local media files to Chromecast, the notification will be created as well. So, you can control (e.g. pause, stop) the media play in two different locations:

  1. Inside the LocalCast app.
  2. From notification area (just like you do for a regular media player).

Vishesh Kapoor

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