How to limit background processes in an Android device?

Many processes that run in the background are doing so for some good reason: syncing, providing location data or otherwise doing what they were designed to do. But they are not beneficial for you all the time. You may have installed many third party apps on your device, and some are resource intensive with many of their processes running in the background using the precious processing power and memory of the device. This affects the device’s performance adversely and prevents it from functioning smoothly.

If you don’t want to stop using your resource intensive apps and still want your device to perform without stuttering, you can tweak the settings in the DEVELOPER OPTIONS and limit the number of background processes.

Enabling Developer Options:

  • Go to SETTINGS and tap on ABOUT DEVICE

March 9, 2016 113657 PM GMT+0530

  • Scroll down and tap on BUILD NUMBER for about seven times until it says DEVELOPER OPTIONS TURNED ON

March 9, 2016 113713 PM GMT+0530

Limit Background Processes in Developer Options:


March 9, 2016 113733 PM GMT+0530

  • Select the suitable option for you. If you don’t want any unwanted processes to run, select NO BACKGROUND PROCESSES

NOTE: Limiting Android’s background processes using this option won’t stop applications that would normally run in the background from running. Mail clients, applications like Facebook, Google Location Services etc. will still run periodically if they are configured to do that.

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