How To Get Free Legit Apps Using Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards


The Android Play Store is a magical place where all your android fantasies come true because of its vast treasure trove of applications and utilities of all kinds for our hand held devices. But some of those utilities and fun comes at a cost which many of us cheapskates are not willing to pay, resulting in other less safer ways of side-loading apps and compromising our data security. Thus google came out with a novel idea of Google Opinion Rewards which, as the name suggests, rewards android users who take part in a short survey and in return are awarded with some amount of currency which enables them to buy their desired apps from play store. Unfortunately this service is not available in all the countries of the world at this time. but as we all know, this is Android and we can do whatever we want with full freedom. so here is  a nifty guide to enable google opinion rewards in your mobile:

  1. Install Fake Gps and any VPN application such as Hotspot Shield from android play store.
  2. Go to Location access and disable Wi-Fi & mobile network location.
  3. Go to developer menu in setting and enable Allow mock locations for Fake GPS to work properly
  4. Open Fake GPS and chose anywhere in USA, then press Set Location.
  5. Open Hotspot Shield and connect to internet via VPN in order to mask your IP.
  6. Now one needs to create a new Google account by going to new account in settings and choosing Google.
  7. After creating the new account, Google play and then switch to the new account.
  8. The US store of the Play store will open from where you can download Google Opinion Rewards
  9. Open the app and chose the new account you just created
  10. Continue with survey and input 11413 for zip code
  11. After that you will receive a new survey and upon completing that you will get your first dollar!
  12. After using this credit to buy and install any app you want, you can disable Fake GPS and VPN and un-tick ‘allow mock locations’ from developer options along with enabling Wi-Fi & mobile network location.

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