How to get more storage in your Android device

Are you running out of storage space for your apps, photos, videos and music on your Android phone or tablet? There are several ways to get around it.

Get a microSD card:



The easiest and the most popular way to solve your storage issue is to plug in a microSD card. You will be able to store your photos, videos, documents and also some of your apps to the external storage which will considerably take the load out of your device’s internal storage.

But what if your android device doesn’t have a microSD card slot?

You can invest on a MicroSD card reader adaptor and attach it to your phone. Have a look at this: Inateck MicroSD adaptor. This tiny little gadget can take up a MicroSD card up to 64GB and lets you plug it into your phone/tablet through the micro-USB port.


kingston-mobilelite-wireless-g2-400x400-imaeyygqpjwhmgsz (1)
In case if you don’t want a physical card reader being attached to your phone all the time, have a look at this wireless portable card reader from Kingston. It enables the users to access the extra content stored on the memory card wirelessly via its dedicated app. You can share it with others too as it allows simultaneous content streaming for up to three users.

Cloud Storage:



Many apps are offering free cloud storage which you can use to store your files and access them on the move without putting any strain on your device’s internal storage. Services like Dropbox can automatically backup all your photos to the cloud, and once it is done, you can free up space by deleting them from your phone.
Also, consider using music streaming services if you don’t want to fill your precious storage with mp3 files.

Wireless hard drive:


A wireless hard drive is a good alternative where you can store your music, videos, photos, etc. and accesses them via a dedicated app when you are on the WiFi. Some of the options you can look for are WD My Passport Wireless 1 TB Wi-Fi Mobile Storage, Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB Portable External Hard Drive for Mobile etc.

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