How to Flash OTA’s to Asus ZenWatch

Ever wondered how to flash OTAs to your ZenWatch? Here’s an article which will help learn how to flash OTAs to your Asus ZenWatch. Before beginning, keep your latest Google USB driver handy along with other platform tools. Make sure you also have the OTA file you need to flash.device-in-recovery

  1. Go to app settings on your watch and tap on ‘About.’
  2. Repeatedly tap on the build number until you see a toast notification that tells you that you are now a developer.
  3. Go to ‘Developer Menu’ in Main Settings menu and tap on ‘About.’
  4. Check “ADB debugging.”
  5. Put your watch in the cradle and plug the cradle into your computer via USB.
  6. Select ‘OK’ when the prompt appears to allow ADB bugging.
  7. Launch Google USB Drive folder and use ‘Android Composite ADB device.’
  8. Type ‘ADB devices’ in the command prompt which will display the message that the device is connected.
  9. Type ‘ADB Reboot Recovery’ and once the recovery mode begins the menu can be displayed when you tap on the screen.
  10. Select ‘Apply Update from ADB’ by swiping right.
  11. Type ‘ADB devices’ once you are done installing Android Composite ADB device manager through device manager to ensure that it displays a one sideload device.
  12. Rename the zipped file with the same name with which you named the OTA update file.
  13. The system will begin its work from this point and will apply the update

Do not unplug your device from USB while updating as the system won’t boot. Hope this article helped you better to flash OTAs on your ZenWatch.

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