How to save Mobile Data on your Android Phone

Who isn’t tired of the quick emptying of their mobile data?! The mobile data or WiFi data gets over in a jiffy depending on the number of apps you use and the way you use them.We have five simple tips for you to help you save mobile data on your Android Phone.

1.Restrict Background Data


The Best way to save mobile data

This is the first and foremost step towards saving mobile data. Restrict background data on your android device in the settings. In this way, a lot of mobile data can be saved because mobile data is enabled only when you open the app and disabled when the app is running in the background or when the app is closed. You can also restrict data for particular apps by changing the app settings individually by making changes in the app settings.

2. Disable auto updating of apps

The second major reason that lets you data get drained is because of the auto-updating of apps. Disable this option on Google Play store settings over the data connection. Set it to either ‘Do not auto-update apps’ or ‘Update apps over WiFi only’. Check or uncheck auto update by selecting apps on My Apps to manage individual apps. AndroidPIT-do-not-auto-update-apps-w782

3. Use Google Apps offline

Many of the Google Apps like Google Maps and Google Docs can be used offline to save mobile data. You can edit and save your documents with Google Docs offline without and navigate using Google Maps without using your mobile data. Screenshot_2016-03-06-22-41-16

4. Compress Chrome Pages

If you use chrome to open all your web pages you can save up to 30-35 percent of mobile data.  The web pages are compressed when you use the data saver option before loading them into your browser. Launch Chrome and tap on the three dots on the right-hand corner, go to settings and make changes in the data saver. The graph helps you monitor and keep a check on the usage of your mobile data. AndroidPIT-Chrome-browser-data-saver-enable-w782

5.Delete facebook app

By now we all know that facebook is the biggest consumer of data and battery usage. The alternate version of facebook are no less and are equally responsible for the high consumption of data and battery. Create a chrome shortcut on your web browser or use Tinfoil- an app that lets you get notifications too. AndroidPIT-Tinfoil-for-Facebook-Chrome-shortcut-w782

You can also identify and remove the apps that are draining out data with high usage.With these simple techniques, you can save a lot of mobile data and not worry about your phone bills.

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