Android N system settings revealed in new mockups

Android N’s revealed mockups are all over the web this week.  These reveals show the refreshed settings app and few visual redesigns in the next version of Android.


The notifications will be placed very close to each other with a faint line which is supposedly the divider. However, there are no line dividers at all between individual settings and are present only between different categories. Settings for Do Not Disturb is the first item in the new settings app with which users can easily switch modes. It shows a drop-down at the top. It has also been rumored that DND may be tied to a system level night mode.

The settings app will also get glanceable information feature which gives users can check the status of any particular setting. For example, Wifi will display the name of the network it is connected to and Battery displays the battery status along with the battery life estimation.


The new addition- Hamburger menu will allow users to switch to a different item when they are in a particular setting. Android N which will be announced in May at Google I/O is rumored to be removing the app launcher sailing towards iOS-favored approach.

This new appeared earlier on- GSM Arena

Bhavana Hulivahana

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