Youtube App Updated To Introduce New Record And Upload Screen

Google has quietly updated the its versatile YouTube app to incorporate new icon for the floating action button (FAB) and an entirely new screen for uploading content to YouTube. The changes are visible only to some people for now and are being rolled out to other people as we speak. The FAB has been changed from an ‘upload’ button from before to a ‘camcorder’ button in the new version. There’s really no operational change, since both new and old ultimately take users to a screen for uploading videos to YouTube.

Youtube New FAB

Youtube New Recording














The more groundbreaking changes can be seen on the video upload screen. The old screen was just an Android gallery style screen with white background and all the videos on your device. But the new screen is now a mature black background one with a unique live view from the camera being displayed on the top of the screen. The camera is actually not recording anything until u press the camcorder button overlayed on the live display, which will then take you to your default video app or an app chooser in order to record videos and upload them to Youtube. The new button has started creeping up automatically for some devices and other devices may soon incorporate the recent changes.

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