Remix OS 2.0 Beta Version Released; Still lacks Google Services

Jide Technology is one of those path-breaking companies which believe in focusing on an innovation driven products instead of churning out run-of-the-mill devices. One of their recent and most awesome products is the Remix OS, which is a desktop-style operating system on the bones of Android. The OS is free for anyone to install and use and after a long wait, the Remix OS 2.0 beta version is available for download.
Remix OS

The Remix OS is a revolutionary concept which mimics the versatility of an ordinary desktop OS but with the functionality and openness of the Android environment. The new beta version, which was announced at the recently concluded MWC 2016, comes with 32 bit compatibility and option of dual booting – making it much easier to shift between the primary OS and Remix OS. Thrown into the mix is OTA update support to so that one can keep himself updated without losing all of his data. There is only one caveat though – the OS does not ship with any kind of Google service as of now and one has to make do with side-loading of apps untill Jide obtains Google’s stamp of approval.

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