Chinese smartphone manufacturers to use Samsung’s dual edge displays

Weeks ago, Samsung Electronics unveiled its much-awaited flagships Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge smartphones. The Galaxy S7 Edge with its 5.5inch screen uses Samsung Display’s flexible OLED technology to feature a display with its edges that fall away on both sides.
Coupled with the company’s latest software, the edge display on the Galaxy S7 Edge make it look unbelievably sleek.


Now, Chinese manufacturers like Vivo, Huawei and Xiaomi are set to release their smartphones featuring curved displays in the near future.
The word from Samsung Display is that it will be supplying them with its trademark flexible OLED displays and each of these companies might launch their upcoming flagships featuring this display technology.

It might seem strange to some as given how poorly Samsung itself performs in China, why they are into supplying its trademark feature to its competitors!
Samsung is actually a large group containing a number of different firms. In it, Samsung Display manufactures these AMOLED panels and is looking to expand its list of customers in search of additional revenue to counteract the comparatively lower sales it generates these days, from the smartphone sales of Samsung Electronics.
Ultimately, Samsung as a whole will still benefit from such a move.


Recently, Chinese manufacturer Vivo uploaded a teaser image that showed off its upcoming flagship XPlay5, featuring a monstrous 6GB RAM and Samsung Display’s dual edge display.
You can find more about it here

Still these won’t be the first companies to have used Samsung Display’s curved AMOLED panels. Blackberry used this in its Blackberry Priv smartphone last year.


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