Google’s Android Pay all set to launch next month in the UK

Google Android Pay is the contactless mobile payment service that will be launched in the UK this March.

Android Pay is a mimic of Apple Pay that works as a mobile wallet to pay for purchases filled with Visa or Mastercard. The major competitors of Android Pay are Apple and Samsung along with Barclaycard bpay, EE cash on top and V.Me. Although Samsung has not announced the launch of Samsung Pay in the UK, it works through NFC and Magnetic Secure Transmission. It will have a wider reach with UK retailers compare to Android and Apple since it works with older payment terminals without NFC functionality.

Android Pay utilizes your fingerprint

Android Pay utilizes your fingerprint

Almost half of UK smartphone users own Android smartphones so Android Pay will be of great benefit for Google. This technology works in a very simple way – users have to load their credit or debit card details on their smartphone with NFC. While paying in stores, users will have to verify their identity with a fingerprint scanned by their smartphone. According to a recent survey, almost one in eight transactions are done in December are based on the technology of contactless purchases.

To learn more about Android Pay, watch this video

This news was reported earlier on- The Inquirer

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