No Nexus Smartphone from LG this year

Starting with the Nexus 4 in 2012, Nexus 5 in 2013 and the Nexus 5X from last year, LG has produced some of the best Nexus phones in recent memory.
However it feels, LG is probably taking a break from designing a new stock Android phone for Google, this year. According to an LG spokesperson talking to CNET

“LG needs to focus on its own brand.”



The decision comes as the company just showed off its flagship G5 along with a full range of accessories and other gadgets. Now, a commitment to develop a new Nexus phone would mean diverting critical resources and put less focus on its own device.
There is also a possibility that the nexus handset could overshadow LG’s own models. Moreover, the Nexus devices are usually seen as being more of a Google offering than one from the company actually manufacturing it. That probably don’t lead to great profit margins either.

The company is planning to bring the LG Watch Urbane LTE 2nd Edition smartwatch back to the market sometimes later this year. The watch got cancelled after it went on sale in November 2015, due to certain issues with its display.

LG’s shift from the Nexus lineup doesn’t mean that there will not be any Nexus device for this year. There are rumors floating around claiming Google could be working with HTC, on a pair of new devices codenamed T50 and T55.
Also, there could be a possible collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer Huawei like the Nexus 6P of 2015.

Source: CNET

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