Google App v5.10 updated to open links with Chrome custom tabs

Google App v5.10 rolled out its update to the beta channel with the addition of a major feature. You can now open link with chrome custom tabs instead of redirecting to complete chrome browser.ap_resize

This option was first discovered in APK teardown of version 5.5 but has just been activated in the app. However, there are few issues with this update. While few devices open the links in chrome, on others Google App settings show the open web page in an app toggle. This means that it is unavailable. On a few devices, the toggle is not even available.  Chrome custom tabs are lighter and faster compared to Chrome browser even with security and autofill features. You don’t have to wait for minutes together for the page to load when you open links with Chrome browser.

The updated version of Google App 5.10.23 and Google Play Services 8.7.02 can be downloaded from APK mirror for your android devices.

This news was reported earlier by Android Police


Bhavana Hulivahana

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