Samsung Phones to get updated with new emojis

Samsung has always been slow in introducing new Emoji set to its phones while most of the other Android and iOS phones get emoji updates every month. At the MWC this week, Samsung Galaxy S7 was introduced with 159 new emojis and a lot of additional emoji font changes.

Fee emojis from the new set

Fee emojis from the new set

This is the first time, emoji set has been updated for Samsung phones ever since the release of Galaxy S5 which was released in 2014. The additions come from the releases of Unicode 7.0 and Unicode 8.0 with other platforms. The new emojis set is exactly the same as updated by Whatsapp- upside down face, money mouth face, zipped-mouth face and many more. Samsung has updated emojis from all the categories- food and drink, faces, sports, objects, activities, animals, places and activities. The only feature that has been missed out by Samsung is the racially diverse emoji. While others let you change the color of skin, Samsung has all white emojis except the dancer and the police

No specific timeline has been announced for the update to roll out to other Samsung devices. With this update, Samsung users can now express better without having to type much. As always said, pictures say it all and describe better and in the case of Smartphones, emojis have taken the place of pictures.

Have a look every single emoji of Samsung Galaxy S7 


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