Microsoft officially kills Project Astoria for porting Android apps to Windows 10

At the 2015 BUILD developer Conference, Microsoft demonstrated four “bridges” which were designed to help developers bring applications available for the Windows Store. One of those four bridges was Project Astoria, intended to help developers bring their Android apps to Windows. Recently, in an announcement this Thursday, Microsoft reveals its revised development strategy for the Windows 10 platform, dropping the previous commitment to Project Astoria.


Microsoft director Kevin Gallo said:
“We also announced the Windows Bridge for Android (project “Astoria”) at Build last year, and some of you have asked about its status. We received a lot of feedback that having two Bridge technologies to bring code from mobile operating systems to Windows was unnecessary, and the choice between them could be confusing. We have carefully considered this feedback and decided that we would focus our efforts on the Windows Bridge for iOS and make it the single Bridge option for bringing mobile code to all Windows 10 devices, including Xbox and PCs. For those developers who spent time investigating the Android Bridge, we strongly encourage you to take a look at the iOS Bridge and Xamarin as great solutions.”

The other bridges that are still around for porting apps from different platform to windows are:

  1. “Westminster” for Web apps
  2. “Centennial” for Win32 apps
  3. “Islandwood” for iOS apps.



Microsoft ending efforts for Project Astoria isn’t a big surprise for those keeping track of Windows 10 Mobile’s development process since BUILD 2015. In October last year, dev preview builds of Windows 10 Mobile didn’t include the Android runtime and there was no concrete explanation to that. Since then, Microsoft has started promoting Project Islandwood that has been designed for porting apps from Apple’s iOS to windows led many in the development community to start believing that Microsoft has decided to kill the project Astoria, although there was no official confirmation until this Thursday.


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