Facebook Live coming to Android

Facebook to bring Live Video Broadcasting to Android users soon, the company announced in a blog post today. The rollout will begin with users in the US and will expand to other countries soon.

Facebook said in a blog post:
“Facebook Live enables you to share your experiences and perspectives in real time, with the people who matter to you – whether you’re someone who wants to broadcast to friends and family, or a public figure who wants to connect with fans around the world.
Live videos on Facebook are authentic and exciting, and we’re seeing people tuning in and engaging directly with broadcasters in the moment.”


The service was initially introduced last summer, just for celebrities and made available for all users of Facebook’s iOS app in the U.S. in January. Presently, iOS users in more than 30 countries have access to it.

When launched, to share a live video, you’ll have to just tap on the “Whats on your mind?” at the top of your newsfeed and select the Live Video icon. After that you can write a quick description of what the broadcast is all about, select your audience and go Live. At the end of the broadcast, the video will appear in your timeline like any other video which one can choose to delete or keep it for others to see.

Source: newsroom.fb.com

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