Android Support Library now supports vector drawables

The latest version of Android Support Library with major updates is now available to all the developers. Support for Vector drawables is one of the major features of the update.

Android 5.0 had introduced full vector support allowing developers to release apks. With this images could be scaled to screens of any pixel density. For Graphics -heavy applications on API 21 and above, the size can be decreased up to 50%.nexus2cee_image00

With the latest update, developers can now use vector images back to API 7 (Android 2.1 Eclair) and Animated vectors up to API 11 (Android 3.0 Honeycomb) on 97% of the devices. You can now customize you day display light levels based on your location. This feature called the Day Night theme works on API 14 (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) and above. A new toolbar has been added to the custom bar to which the users can add their own custom tools. Bottom sheets and Recycler Review are the two other major updates. Recycler view now supports auto-measurement that determines the size of the contents to make way for more flexible designs. nexus2cee_image04

Watch this video to learn more

This news was reported earlier on-Android Police


Bhavana Hulivahana

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