OPPO SmartSensor: Smallest and fastest Optical Image Stabilization technology

At the 2016 Mobile World Congress, OPPO announced its one of a kind SmartSensor image stabilization technology which it claims is the world’s smallest and fastest IS tech.

OPPO’s SmartSensor, which achieves image stabilization compensation by moving the sensor itself, is a shift from the current optical image stabilization technology for smartphones which is lens-based.

With three axes (pitch axis, yaw axis, and roll axis) for stabilization adjustments, the SmartSensor withstands different kinds of movement/shakings and provides comprehensive stabilization in just 15 milliseconds compared to the 50 milliseconds that other lens-based technologies require.


According to OPPO:
“the most common kind of shaking in photography takes place on the roll axis, something that lens-based image stabilization cannot correct. However with the new SmartSensor, image stabilization is now available on the roll axis as well.”

Also, it uses a voltage-driven microelectromechanical system to compensate for camera shake where all lens-based image stabilization systems use a voice coil motor (VCM) system. This improves the reaction time of the SmartSensor as it completes the stabilization process in just 15 milliseconds as compared to 50 milliseconds by the VCM systems.

Talking about the power consumption, OPPO nails that too.
Where traditional lens-based IS systems use around 500mW to take just one photo due to the power hungry VCM systems, OPPO SmartSensor’s power consumption can be as little as ten milliwatts. 1/50 of the electricity consumed by the lens-based solutions.

Source: gsmarena.com

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