Android N might launch without an app drawer

A rumor has started spreading that, the Android N, version 7.0 will lose a feature almost every user relies on- The App Drawer.

According to some reports, the app drawer does not appear on early, pre-release versions of Android 7.0 and the final version is most likely to start rolling out to users by the end of this year.


If the reports are to be true, then without the App Drawer, the Android home screen will become an another version of Apple’s iOS.
Each and every app the user installs will then turn up placing its launcher on the home screen, and it’ll nearly be impossible to enjoy pure Android experience without a tremendous amount of clutter.

Of course, users can organize their home screens by putting the icons into appropriate folders, still the lack of an App Drawer means those who prefer a clutter free home screen will have to opt in for some third-party launchers, such as Nova launcher


Also, the App Drawer being one of Android’s oldest features, some users will be confused and will have to change their habits of using the device.

This, obviously, doesn’t mean that Google won’t add the app drawer back before the consumer launch of Android N towards the tail end of this year.

It is expected that the developer preview of the Android N will be distributed at Google I/O 2016, this summer.

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