Intel displays its Budget Android Phone at MWC 2016

MWC 2016 being held at Barcelona is witnessing a great number of new releases, displays and announcements. One of such displays was made by Intel today. Intel revealed the looks of its Budget Smartphone based on Android powering Big Screen Linux.

Intel displays its Big screen linux based Android phone

Intel displays its Big screen Linux-based Android phone at MWC 2016

The Big Screen concept is similar to that of Microsoft’s Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile at a much lower budget. Prototype SoFIA (Smart or Feature phone with Intel Architecture) was displayed at the MWC, which has Atom x3 processor and 2GB RAM. The inbuilt storage is 16GB and is expandable. It comes along with an attached keyboard, mouse and display to display the smartphone Android Screen on the large display. In this way, it turns into desktop Linux.

However, like any other smartphone this device also has a few flaws. The display goes off when an external display is attached, but the company has promised to support dual displays in the next version of Atom x3.

This news was reported earlier by The Register

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