Google to replace SMS with RMS

With apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, the use of SMS has dropped down. Google now teams up with 15 mobile operators to improve upon SMS to offer competition to other chat apps like Messenger and Whatsapp.

The replacement of SMS by RMS will be of great benefits

The replacement of SMS by RMS will offer significant benefits

Although Short Message Service was a life saver for more than a decade, it can no longer meet the needs of even an average smartphone user today.  Google is now working on creating a universal RCS (Rich Communication Services) client which will be adopted by all the GSMA carriers. Features like group chat, high-resolution photo sharing and read receipts are few of the features that make RCS much better than SMS. It might support Video Calling and low-tier standards like SMS and MMS.  However, this won’t affect the iOS users as they have their own messaging platform which doesn’t use RCS.

Since 80% of smartphones of the world are Android based, RCS will help Google and its carriers to upgrade for better. With this upgrade, you can work across many countries with different carriers with just one messaging platform for everything.

This news first appeared on- Gizmodo

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