Google Device Assist app for Android provide tips and help troubleshoot your device:

Google has a lesser-known Android app named Device Assist that qualifies to be one of the most useful programs the company has published.

“Device Assist helps you get the best performance from your Nexus, Google Play edition, and Android One device with tips and proactive troubleshooting for detected issues.”


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These features have been around for a while, and a recent update to the app added some more useful functionalities.

You can now, all within one app, check for dead or stuck pixels, view detailed device information, and also run a reliable internet speed test.The app is also useful to detect possible issues with your Android device which helps in fixing things which are not functioning as expected such as the GPS, connectivity and battery.It provides tips to help explore new lesser known features and also throws light on how to optimise the device’s performance.

googles-device-assist-checks-for-dead-pixels-tests-internet-speed-troubleshoots-issues-more.w654 (2)                          googles-device-assist-checks-for-dead-pixels-tests-internet-speed-troubleshoots-issues-more.w654 (1)

Users using Nexus, Google Play edition and Android One devices running Android 5.0, Lollipop or above can download the app from the play store by clicking on the link to Google Play Store. It’ll allow them to have easy access to live Google support which should help first time Android users.

For others, using a Samsung, HTC, LG, etc. can download the .apk file from the link here and sideload the app in their respective devices.

If you are new to sideloading apps, refer to this guide here

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