Microsoft integrates its Android apps into Cyanogen OS

Although CyanogenMOD is still in its Android version, it aims at improving android’s performance. They are constantly working on developing new features to make users fall in love with their phones by integrating Microsoft apps into Android. Even when Android has improved its security features in marshmallow by introducing app protection, this platform was much needed.

Apps integrated by Cyanogen

Apps integrated by Cyanogen

A new version of open-source OS has been developed by Cyanogen that is independent of Google. It is now helping the developers of Android to integrate their apps by giving deeper access to inner workings. For example, Skype is now integrated with the dialer and Microsoft’s Hyperlapse is incorporated into the camera. With this new addition, Cortana can now work on iOS and Android as well. Lock screen customization and the newly added camera features are the highlights of the integration of Microsoft with its Android Apps.

If you haven’t received the update on your COS powered phone you can do it manually. This extension can now convince different mobile companies to adopt cyanogen into their phones to have a more efficient operating system. With this, you can now feel the cyanogen environment on your phone while using it even with a Microsoft handset.

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Watch this video to learn more about Cyanogen’s MOD platform.

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