Google and global operators set to adopt RCS with new Android RCS Client

At the MWC 2016, Barcelona, Google has announced it is partnering with a bunch of Global operators in an effort to accelerate the adoption of RCS by providing the RCS Android client.

Now for those who aren’t aware of, RCS stands for Rich Communication Services and is a platform that enables delivery of communication experiences beyond voice and SMS. It provides the consumers the goodies of instant messaging or chat, live video and seamless file sharing across devices on any network.

“By aligning on a universal RCS profile, mobile operators will be able to deploy a consistent RCS implementation, feature set, and configuration. The Android RCS client provided by Google will be based on the universal profile, enabling consumers to access RCS services on their devices. Features such as group chat, high-res photosharing, read receipts, and more will now become part of the operator messaging experience, enhancing the experience of over 4 billion SMS users worldwide. GSMA RCS advanced calling features will also be supported in the future by Google.”

Google acquired Jibe Mobile, on September 2015, a startup that offers the mobile community flexible tools for implementing and managing RCS services across global networks.

A Google spokeswoman said:
“Once deployed, the Universal RCS Client will come standard for all Android devices globally, providing a more consistent experience with more advanced features. Currently, the client works on phones and tablets.”

It is reported that that the company is planning to launch the client later this year and no clear timeframe has been set.

While RCS is by no means an Android-only initiative, the latest step by Google the operators is all about Android.
Android is used by more than a billion users globally, and Google clearly indicates that this can be put to use by other operating systems too but it will require Apple iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and the others to sign up for it


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