Convert Your Phone Into Car Navigation And Infotainment System

Got an old and trusted android phone lying around and constantly reminding you how much you loved it before? Here’s a nifty guide to make it more useful than just an electronic paperweight

car navigation and infotainment

The advent of android devices and their subsequent functions are truly a thing of beauty. Hardware gets old, but the software always ensures that the device has some amount of music left in it. So, here at androidjoint, we have compiled a simple tutorial on how to turn your old phone into a workable navigator and infotainment system for your car.

First, here is a shopping list of items which are required to tackle this challenge:-

  • An old unused android phone – any decent android phone with working audio jack and gps sensor will do
  • A car mount – a holder for your phone which is of good quality plastic and holds the phone firmly
  • A 12-volt car charger– to power the phone
  • An AUX cable – to play your music via the car’s speakers
  • A Bluetooth OBD2 connector[optional]  – for gathering the technical info of the car

Now, there are a number of apps that one must install from the play store for this setup to work properly:-

  • Nokia Here Maps – for navigation
  • Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)[optional] – for car performance and sensor data

Setting up the phone

Since the phone was lying around useless already, it would be a good idea to charge it fully first. Then one should check for any firmware updates that have been released by the manufacturer to ensure that the phone runs stutter free. One should also factory reset the phone to make maximum storage space for the requisite software and music.

The Nokia Here Maps is the free navigation software from Nokia which is loved by many and contains many useful features. One of them is the ability to download a the map of a whole state for offline navigation. This feature is useful as the Phone once installed in the car will not have any kind of network connectivity other than a GPS connection.

Now, its a pre-requisite that the car comes with an Aux jack in its infotainment system so that it can play music via the phone. Also the android phone will needed constant power as the screen and GPS will sap battery at a very high rate. Thus a 12-v car charger must be used and has to be connected to the phone at all times.

[optional] The Torque Pro app is for car enthusiasts who likes to keep a keen eye on everything that is going on with their machine. The app collects data and various parameters from the ECU via the OBD2 port. It connects to the OBD2 port wirelessly using a Bluetooth OBD2 connector. These kind of connectors can be easily found on ebay for dirt cheap prices.

now mount your phone using a suitable car mount at your desired place, connect the car charger and the Aux cable and voila! you’re done!

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